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The best heating technology for cold winter months

Thu, 11/03/2011 - 09:51

High energy costs, rising fuel prices and technology breakthroughs in the industry have led many families to reconsider what type of heater they are using this winter.

Conventional heating systems are being replaced by modern heaters due to the rising costs for operating the old technology and the efficiency that comes with a new system, especially during the winter months.

A radiant heating system can act as an efficient alternative to conventional models, as this technology allows for a more even distribution of the heat due to its delivery system.

Along with a more efficient delivery of the warmth for homeowners, the radiant heating system will allow a typical resident to save up to 25 percent in energy costs.

A study done at Kansas State University, in conjunction with the American Society of Heating Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), established the figure of 25 percent savings due to the variety of advancements and increased efficiency that comes with radiant heaters.

Residents around North America are beginning to make the transition away from the older technology.

According to the Shelburne County Coast Guard, couples like the Tiptons have made the transition to new types of heating, and are already seeing the results.

Emily and Guy Tipton recently attended an informal information session that was held by a government organization in Nova Scotia, where personal anecdotes from local couples were mixed with technical analysis regarding the long-term energy savings and cost reductions, the news source reported.

The Coast Guard reported that officials from Efficiency Nova Scotia outlined their desire to have residents reduce their total energy consumption through the use of more efficient technology.

"We are there to help Nova Scotia save energy," the representative said during the information session. "Whatever income level…high or low it doesn’t matter."