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The benefits of installing 'Eco' bathrooms

Mon, 09/19/2011 - 09:21

According to Ed Del Grande, contractor, plumber and host of a television show on HGTV, the notion of an 'eco' bathroom is one that has arisen over the past several years as contractors and homeowners have installed the appropriate technology in order to keep a more sustainable model to minimize energy costs, reported the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

In these remodeled bathrooms, the vanities and countertops are often made with natural stone and moisture-resistant products, helping to minimize cleaning efforts and increase the use of recycled materials, reported the news source.

Wall tiles can be chosen from natural stone and recycled glass models, along with fired-clay tiles that are made of reusable materials and use a lead-free glaze, according to the Tribune.

Flooring options for an eco bathroom are plentiful, including natural-stone tiles and lightweight concrete materials. These products can be placed on top of a radiant heating system to maximize the efficiency for the room.

Radiant heating systems can provide comfortable warmth under a variety of surfaces, as the technology is installed in the subfloor beneath any type of flooring.