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Bank of America looking to sell luxury condominiums in Colorado

Thu, 08/25/2011 - 09:32

A series of condos have been made available by Bank of America and its lending partners, as the organization is looking to market the condominiums that it helped fund in the Colorado ski town of Steamboat Springs, The Wall Street Journal reported.

The property, currently know as the Trailhead Lodge, is one of several condo projects that the Bank embarked on in the Colorado and California ski areas. They have touted the residences as modern ski houses for couples, and have outfitted the condos with all of the latest technologies and amenities, according to the news source.

Completed in 2009, the condos have been remodeled slightly to still provide luxury, but at a more logical price than before, given the state of the economy and the amount of people who can afford a second residence, reported the Journal.

Included in the condos are oversized decks, granite countertops and radiant heating systems to help residents keep warm during the ski months, according to the news source.

Radiant heating systems can provide a great level of comfort to young couples, as the heat is more evenly distributed between the floor and ceiling compared to forced air systems.