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Alternative heating systems help to reduce energy costs

Tue, 12/27/2011 - 11:10

The 2008 financial crisis has been hard on many American families, as the effects of the recession are still being felt. Many of these individuals have looked into acquiring products like radiant heating systems as a way to limit the total amount that they are paying for energy and electric bills in their homes.

Ellen and Joe Turzynski of Genesee, Wisconsin, looked at several new heating systems after they realized the inefficiency of their old heater led to extremely high energy bills, especially in the cold winter months, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

The newspaper reported that the Turzynskis decided to pay the up-front costs of installing a new heating system in order to capitalize on the long-term savings that can be acquired through the use of new technology like radiant heating.

"The heat was very uneven before," Ellen Turzynski told the Sentinel. "We used a gas fireplace in the living room during winter to warm it up. Now the heat is very even. Our basement is also better heated."

The family transitioned from a gas heater to a radiant heating system as a way to help lower their heating costs but also to increase the value of their home.

"It’s an investment in our home and property, and in the environment," Ellen told the newspaper.

A radiant heating system helps to save money due to its efficient design and integration into a subfloor. Not only can this technology be placed under any surface, but it can also help to provide a more comfortable heat.

The technology distributes the heat more evenly than a conventional heating system, as the subfloor design helps to limit the temperature difference between the floor and ceiling to only two-to-three degrees.