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Advantages of solar building design, using technology to improve a home

Wed, 10/19/2011 - 09:54

The up-front costs that are associated with solar energy and technology are often paid for by the increased long-term value of the residence that they are installed in. By using other innovative products like radiant heating, individuals can maximize the potential for their property and electricity bill savings, according to Renewable Energy World.

This type of technology can furnish heat, air conditioning and hot water, which typically comprises up to 60 percent of the energy needs for a home, the news source reported.

Solar panels on the roof of a residence can be linked to a variety of other technologies throughout the house in order to maximize the efficiency of a residence.

The panels can provide a home with the heat that is necessary to warm the radiant heating system that may also be installed. This saves on energy costs and also works to help provide homeowners with a comfortable source of heat, Renewable Energy reported.

A radiant heating system that is installed as part of a subfloor can be placed under any type of flooring, adding to the versatility and effectiveness of a home in terms of comfort and sustainability.