Demystifying "Fast Radiant" systems like Warmboard

Tue, 01/31/2012 - 08:13

One of the most significant benefits of Warmboard radiant heating systems is their ability to easily and quickly adjust to temperature changes and keep an area at a desired comfortable temperature.

Unlike competing radiant solutions, Warmboard is able to react faster to temperature changes in a home. The unique benefit of the specific system is a result of the low mass and high conductivity for the Warmboard system.

A radiant panel has a simple function to peform, as it is designed to conduct heat from warm water in a tube to the surface of a floor in a residence.

Warmboard is able to perform this function especially well due to the unique aluminum-lined channels that make excellent contact with the tubing, the material is highly conductive and covers the whole floor surface, finish floor goods are in direct contact with the metal and the total mass of the floor assembly is very low.

The heating system is founded on a simple concept, in which the speed with which heat is delivered to the entire area is maximized. This is the key to the low mass of the Warmboard product, as technology needs to be able to adjust quickly to changes in heat and a low mass system will always outperform other heaters.

"The aluminum in Warmboard has a similar specific heat to traditionally applied thin-pour material, meaning that an equivalent heat input will raise equal amounts of material (mass) at the same rate," according to the company's website. "However, the mass is not the same. Warmboard weighs 3.1 lbs per square foot."

The system's superiority for heat transfer is based upon this efficient design, allowing it to deliver at a rate five-to-10 times faster than traditional systems.