Master carpenter builds new home with energy efficiency in mind

Fri, 06/21/2013 - 21:45

Norm Abram may be known for being a regular on the TV show "The Old House" and hosting PBS's "The New Yankee Workshop." The Wall Street Journal reported that Abram has spent his career fixing up older homes, but when it came time to move he decided the best decision for his family was to build new. 
While living in Hudson, Massachusetts, Abram began building a new home in Carlisle. According to the news source, he wanted to build a home from scratch that would look like a traditional colonial, but be energy efficient, level and straight. Abrams began working on the project to build a 4,500-square-foot home that featured four bedrooms, a one-story addition and a two-story garage.
According to Abrams, the "coolest" component of the house is the radiant floor heating system. Underneath all of the floor in the house is tubing that circulates warm water that creates energy-efficient heat. A radiant floor heating system is the ideal utility option for a homeowner who is looking to decrease operational expenses - especially in areas like New England, where oil is considered the norm and prices for this resource keep rising. 
In addition to lowering the price of heating the home, the system also promotes greater comfort because no space is left unheated. Warmth is spread evenly throughout the house so no one accidentally walks into a cold spot and feels chilled. The system also cuts down on allergens present in the home because dust and pollen are not stored in radiators or vents and pushed around the building. The reduction in allergens stored in the heating delivery system allows homeowners with even mild allergies to breath easier.