Library boosts comfort with radiant floor heating

Wed, 05/08/2013 - 17:22

The new South Branch of the Berkeley Public Library is almost set to open and community members are excited to see and feel the numerous upgrades made to the structure. The Berkeley Side reports that the new addition to the library is expected to increase public interest in the space. 
Because the old institution hadn't been renovated since it was first built in 1961, it was old and dark. According to the news source, the new brand branch of the public library system has been built to create a light-filled and relaxing space. 
"The old building, by its virtues and shortfalls, gave a lot of inspiration," said Mati Teiblum, an architect with Field Paoli Architects, the  firm that designed the new library, according to the news source. "The old building was low and squat. We felt we grew and wanted to bring the light in. That thought has been behind a lot of the activities here, bringing in as much daylight [as possible]." 
To increase the comfort guests would feel and to decrease operational expenses, the building was outfitted with a radiant floor heating system. The energy-efficient option releases heat in a consistent manner, without excessively pushing hot air around in bursts like a traditional system like radiators or baseboard heating. In addition, because of how the utility option keeps a steady stream of heat flowing from the floor up, everyone gets the maximum comfort from the warmth. 
A radiant floor heating system is ideal in both commercial and residential structures. It reduces energy use, allows for greater sustainability and increases comfort. In a library, it's even more effective at preserving the books because it does not create extreme pockets of cold or hot air and no humidity.