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What does your master suite need?

Fri, 05/31/2013 - 07:31

For most homeowners, there are certain rooms that mean a great deal. These spaces are rooms that hold a special purpose or are used often. Homeowners wish for a high-quality kitchen and living space that is open for entertaining and to keep the family together at all times, and an excellent master suite. Unlike the other rooms in the house that may have multiple purposes, the master suite is for comfort and relaxation. 
To ensure that this space is the most divine escape possible, a homeowner may want to consider what a master suite needs to promote relaxation. 
1) Color. The right color combinations can promote relaxation and make a room a neutral space for either sex. Try hues like dusky blue, cream, light greens or taupe to keep a room gender neutral and then add pops of color with accessories that are easy to change out like a bedspread, chairs, pillows and vases. 
2) Radiant floor heating. For a homeowner to really enjoy his or her master suite, the temperature of the room must remain comfortable. No one wants to relax in a room that is either too hot or too cold. A radiant floor heating system can be set to keep the room at the ideal temperature for comfort and it will allow you to never have to wake up in the morning and walk across a cold bedroom floor. 
3) Storage. A messy space is not relaxing for most people. The clothes on the floor and the papers and odds and ends will just distract you or make you feel anxious like there are things to get done. Make sure your master suite has enough storage and the right kind for your lifestyle to reduce the clutter around the bedroom.