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Washington Avenue Condo features radiant floor heating

Wed, 10/02/2013 - 12:37

Potential homebuyers who are seeking a new pad to call home may want to consider if the neighborhood of Prospect Heights is the right place for him or her. There's a new modern property recently listed for sale on Washington Avenue that is just the latest condo for sale in the area. Five of the six units are available for purchase and feature a wide range of luxurious qualities and operational efficient technologies. 
Five of the six condos still left open in the building features two bedrooms and two baths, reported New York Curbed. The condos range in size from 964 square feet to 1,037 square feet. Every unit features a private outdoor space that has polished concrete floors with radiant floor heating. The eco-friendly technology boosts the comfort a homeowner and his or her guests feel in the modern space. The solution was chosen because of its ability to boost luxury and function in the condo. 
A radiant floor heating system provides consistent delivery heat and works with the stained concrete floor to store warmth for thermal heating throughout the day. The combination of modern technology and the right flooring material can further boost the efficiency of the home. 
In addition, the condos were styles in a sleek, polished look. A radiant floor heating system removes the need for radiators, vents or baseboard delivery technology. These units interrupt the flow of a design and take up valued square footage. A radiant floor heating system hides beneath the floors and allows a homeowner to use each room in his or her house more effectively without having to take in consideration where furniture is going based on the heating system's placement.