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Warmboard, Inc outfits Sunset Magazine's 2012 Idea House with radiant heating

Wed, 10/24/2012 - 21:27

Warmboard, Inc has teamed up with Blu Homes to construct a one-of-a-kind house for Sunset Magazine's 2012 Idea House. Blu Homes has constructed its latest and largest design - a two-story prefab structure with the latest in energy efficient designs. The prefab structure demonstrates the evolving role of green technology in alternative building techniques.

The lifestyle publication Sunset Magazine sponsors the construction of an Idea House - a structure built or completely remodeled with the latest in sustainable technology. This year's home, The Breezehouse, is a beautifully constructed prefab house that features revolutionary technology to make the residential structure easier to ship and quicker to assemble than a more traditional house. In addition to the easy set-up process, the home offers customers the opportunity to live in a remarkable space outfitted with the latest in sustainability and environmental responsibility.

By using a Warmboard radiant heating system inside the Idea House, Blue's customers can enjoy the thought of an energy efficient home, without sacrificing creative comforts. As green technology continues to develop, more Americans are looking toward homes that are outfitted with sustainable technology.

Warmboard's radiant heating panels double as a structural subfloor and heating source, which allowed Blu Homes to easily incorporate the design element into the property. The conductive aluminum material the panels are constructed from allows for heat energy to transfer from the units to the flooring and into the space above. The energy-efficient heating solution allows a homeowner to reduce their utility bills and diminishes a property's carbon footprint.

As more Americans look toward sustainable home solutions, they may want to consider the validity of incorporating radiant heating into their house's design.