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Vancouver home offers panoramic views and radiant heating

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 21:31

The Orizon condominium complex at 21 Lonsdale Avenue in North Vancouver is attracting many potential buyers. The multi-phased wood and concrete building will include multiple one, two and three-bedroom condos on the five levels. The Vancouver Sun reports that the builder (Intracorp Third Street Limited Partnership), the architect (Ramsay Worden) and the interior designer (Bob’s Your Uncle Design) combined efforts to develop a beautiful property, filled with homes that many potential buyers will find attractive.
The new condos are so attractive, that some local residents already in the community are purchasing one of the new units and moving in once construction is complete in mid 2014.
"We like the 'hood" said Jesse Godin, in reference to her partner Samantha. "We had actually planned to live in our current home and to look around in a couple of years."
Now that a few years have passed, the couple has purchased a 2-bedroom unit that measured in at 930 square feet. The news source reports that the Godin’s paid $564,900 for the property and are ecstatic to move in and take advantage of the greater space with their growing son.
Many buyers are interested in the beautiful scenery of the Vancouver harbor and the city skyline and other people are more focused on the easy access to three sky mountains, parks and marinas.
In addition to the key location, the condominiums offer residents the opportunity to benefit from a radiant heating system and other energy-efficient technologies. The builder, architect and interior designer sought to incorporate the use of sustainable features to attract environmentally conscious buyers.
Radiant heating provides exceptional temperature control options and allowed the interior designer to forgo working around bulky, unattractive heating vents. Units are being purchased at an increased rate. The Vancouver Sun reports that 30 of the 40 homes built have been bought.