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Usual and unusual touches to a home: Midwestern design trends

Fri, 08/17/2012 - 14:13

There are a number of different housing styles in the U.S., and some of the trends that emerge in the interior design industry are linked to the locale and can be classified as regional practices among homeowners.
Though a number of areas may have seen the same trends emerge, Central Ohio real estate agents told The Columbus Dispatch that several key design practices have emerged, and the residences that they show have begun to reflect the needs of homeowners in the region.
According to the news outlet, some of the new products that have been spotted in Ohio homes are more traditional, such as radiant heating and LED lighting, but others are more unique and often add little value to the residence.
Things like a television and mirror combination have led real estate agents to balk at the so-called improvements made by homeowners, but the people who have bankrolled the adjustments tend to not regret the alterations that were made.
"We were on the Clintonville Tour of Homes in 2011 and there was a logjam," Larry Dixon, a resident of Clintonville, told the news outlet. "I think they ended up shutting (the television) off because people were just so fascinated by it."
Some residents simply chose to add radiant heating to certain sections of their house, such as the bathroom.
Radiant heating systems can not only make for an interesting and comfortable addition to a home, but they also add value to the residence. This type of investment is often encouraged by real estate agents, as opposed to the in-mirror television screen that some people tend to think is a good use of money.