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Update a small, historic home with modern features

Mon, 08/12/2013 - 12:08

Plenty of homebuyers love the charm and style of small, historic homes. However, they may not be a fan of outdated fixtures and inefficient utilities. But, that's hardly a problem, as plenty of professional contractors and designers are now trained to work with the historic quirks and beauty of an older home and still update the structure to promote a more modern living space. 
For example, a 1920s Arts and Crafts bungalow in Minneapolis, MN, was recently updated. The Star Tribune reported that the owners of the property wished to have a modern kitchen installed  that was modern and more efficient, without changing the small square footage of the space.
"It's important to look at the cards we are dealt and how we can rearrange those cards to solve a problem," said architect Mark Nelson, according to the news source. "Today there's plenty of period products available and contractors who understand a historic house." 
By changing the layout of the kitchen so that the appliances were in more convenient locations and installing sustainable solutions like a radiant floor heating system, the homeowners were able to get their dream kitchen without ruining the charm of the small, historic house. 
A radiant floor heating system provided the contractors and designers with more space to work with in terms of counter space and appliances because it removed the outdated radiators from the space. The economical solution provides exceptional comfort for a homeowner without taking up the space vents, radiators or baseboard units require. In addition, the technology removes the chance of any food or spills entering the ventilation - especially important with kitchens that children will be in. 
Select the right combination of modern and historic materials and technologies to create the ultimate blend of then and now for an interview design.