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Unconventional ways to keep your house warm

Wed, 01/22/2014 - 10:43

Crawling up next to the fire, snuggling in a favorite hoodie and gulping freshly brewed hot chocolate are all well-known ways to stay warm this winter, but there are several other, energy-efficient ways in which individuals can keep their houses toasty though outside temperatures may be chilly.
Radiant heat flooring

Instead of investing in slippers and area rugs to prevent your feet from freezing, consider switching to radiant heating. Using methods time-tested all the way back to the Romans, radiant heat warms the home from the bottom up, allowing heat to circulate throughout the home instead of becoming trapped at the top of a house.
Radiant heat can not only lead to better air circulation and quality, but it has the potential to significantly lower heating bills inside of the house, using less energy than both gas and electric heating systems. This system helps bolster in-home comfort while remaining practical and enjoyable.Closing doors

Another great way to reduce the chill factor inside your home is to shut doors around the house. Rooms that are currently unoccupied can take away precious heat, causing that air to flow to an empty space. By keeping these areas closed off, you have a greater chance of retaining that heat in desired rooms around the house.
Additionally, unoccupied rooms with windows can allow for extra openings in which cool air can penetrate the house, sending unwanted drafts throughout your living space. 
Create layers

To fill the spaces between doors and windows that frequently allow for the passage of cool winds, homeowners can layer those areas using items from around the house, including rolled up towels or sheets. These items can easily block stark chills, keeping the warm air in and the cold air out.  
Move your furniture

While most homeowners wait for spring to clean out and rearrange rooms, winter serves as the perfect opportunity to move pieces for better warmth. Windows and doors, which have the sole purpose of connecting individuals with the outside world, can cause furniture to become much colder when seated too closely. Take a look around your living room and consider moving large pieces situated next to these outdoor portals. 
It is also important to keep couches and chairs away from radiators, as they can not only absorb the heat intended for warming your house, but they serve as major fire hazards when left unattended for too long.