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Trends favor revival of linoleum flooring

Mon, 11/21/2011 - 11:07

Although some individuals may cringe when they hear the word linoleum in reference to flooring, the material is making a comeback among interior designers, The Independent reported.

The material has even gained support from environmentalists, as homeowners may want to install this flooring along with other green products like radiant heating in order to maximize the sustainable nature of their residences.

A radiant heating system can be installed as part of a subfloor under the linoleum, as the technology can be placed beneath any material due to the design of the product.

Both of the products are environmentally friendly and will maximize the value of the rooms that they are placed into.

According to The Independent, the linoleum's green nature has be touted by industry professionals.

"It's got superb environmental credentials, its natural production process means every meter is unique in terms of decoration and, above all, it's a choice for people who don't want a floor they will change every few years," an expert told the news source.

Radiant heating systems are also known for their environmental qualities, as they require less energy to heat a room and prevent heat loss that can also cause energy to be wasted.

This technology limits parasitic heat loss, which can make the technology 30 percent more efficient in terms of retaining heat when compared to conventional systems.

Radiant heating systems also rely on increased comfort to help reduce energy use, as they can make a room feel warmer due to the radiant warmth that is produced. It spreads the heat out more evenly around a room, as the technology limits the temperature difference between the floor and ceiling to two-to-three degrees.