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Travertine stone can boost the interior design of a home

Tue, 11/13/2012 - 10:06

As the real estate market continues to recover from the housing bust of the mid-2000s, more homeowners than ever are turning toward smaller properties that feature high-quality materials and features. Instead of the large "McMansions," more people are interesting in less square footage, an open floor plan and spectacular elements.

The use of high-quality materials in rooms such as the kitchen is prominent, and this desire extends to the floors. Homeowners are increasingly using natural stone as flooring because of its durability and beauty. In addition, people can find recycled stone and feel it is a more environmentally conscious choice in comparison to synthetic materials.

Popular natural stone flooring options include granite, limestone, travertine and slate. Each of these different substances has pros and cons when used in a kitchen. However, all of them can be installed with radiant heating to effectively warm the space.

Yahoo News reports that travertine comes in a variety of shapes and sizes - making it easy to cut and shape in accordance to the design of a room and it is cheaper to handle than marble or granite. Travertine treated with a high gloss or honed with a matte polish is exceptionally durable. Brushed and tumbled travertine is less durable that the other two treatments, but both provide more texture. 

Housing experts recommend using polished and honed travertine because they are less porous and will not stain from daily spills or wear and tear. The color options are also extensive and if a tile or two break it is typically not that difficult to find a matching replacement.

In addition, the stone can easily transfer warmth from the radiant heating system so the kitchen will remain at a comfortable temperature. The combination of green, sustainable material use in the design of a home is another growing trend in the American housing market.