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Traditional Frank Lloyd Wright home up for sale in Delaware

Tue, 05/21/2013 - 21:32

A Frank Lloyd Wright home, named the 'Laurel,' has recently been listed for sale. Located just outside of Wilmington on a wood-filled plot of the land, this will be the first time the property has ever been available for purchase since the original buyers first took ownership of the home. 
Mother Nature Network reports that the Delaware home is hemicycle shaped and features three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The 6.7 acre lot is listed at $1.35 million and boasts a number of characteristics that many of the traditional Wright properties had - including radiant floor heating. The eco-friendly solution is found in many of the homes and commercial structures Wright designed. 
Wright found that the system served homeowners and guests the best out of all available systems because it used the design of the property to facilitate greater thermal capacities. A radiant floor heating system allows warmth to slowly fill a space with the science of conduction. When air molecules are heated they begin to speed up and bounce off each other. Each time one hot air molecule makes contact with another heat is transferred until they are all bouncing off one another. This process allows a home to be filled with warmth faster than when hot air is pushed into a room. In addition, the heat lasts longer and allows a more permanent feeling of comfort for a homeowner or a guest.
According to the news source, the house is enveloped by nature and is a "stunning example of Wright's organic architecture," according to the Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy. For property buyers who are looking for an opportunity to own a piece of architectural history and the chance to live in comfort, this might be the right house.