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Toronto listing gets retrofitted with radiant floor heating

Mon, 12/10/2012 - 09:31

Potential homebuyers looking for a piece of prime real estate that is move-in ready may want to consider the property at 15 Beech Avenue in Toronto, Ontario. The Globe and Mail reports that the house sits on a 50-by-60-foot corner lot and is across from the Balmy Beach Club and Balmy Beach Park.
The brick Victorian has had extensive remodeling done to it, as well as an expansion by award-winning architect Ian MacDonald. Included in the remodel was a floating staircase to connect the second story and the first, the addition of a wraparound deck with an open study, rear terrace and radiant floor heating.
"It was a complete gut reno and it’s a unique combination of modern with a bit of a traditional shell," said agent Sandra Pate. "It has Ian MacDonald’s stamp on it. It’s very unique the way he’s done the layout and the fittings and fixtures are a little different from what they’re doing today in modern houses."

The news source reports that the building was outfitted with the technology because of its high-quality warming abilities and support of comfortable living.
The heating solution was easy to incorporate in the building, despite it being on the coast, which can sometimes disrupt the ability to lay piping for any utility. The architect believed in creating a cozy, usable environment for any future homeowner, so ensuring that a quality heating system was incorporated was important. MacDonald even supported the inclusion of a heated driveway system for the property.