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Top three home renovation trends for 2013

Thu, 04/18/2013 - 06:35

Before the year is up many homeowners will decide that a home renovation is the right decision for them. After all, the economy is picking up, home values are once again rising and increasing the comfort an individual feels in a space is never a bad thing. 
While every homeowner has his or her own views on design, some trends are taking over most of the recent construction projects in the United States. Here are three home renovation trends:
1) Simpler design. Gone are the days that a majority of middle class Americans are looking to build large homes with many rooms with individual purposes. Following the Great Recession, many homeowners have switched their focus and are looking for homes that are much more compact. The square footage of homes are shrinking and rooms once again have multiple purposes. 
2) High-quality finishes. Instead of spending money on size, homeowners are largely looking to dedicate money toward installing high-quality finishes that will improve the functionality, durability and appearance of a space. Homeowners are looking to spend considerable time in one spot - unlike many of the buyers who dominated the real estate market in the late 90s and early half of the 2000s. 
3) Energy-efficient technologies. As oil and gas prices continue to rise, homeowners have largely decided that investing in technologies that promote energy efficiency are the right renovations to focus on. Utility options like radiant floor heating are growing in popularity because property owners are attracted to the cost savings the system can provide. Radiant floor heating is more effective at providing warmth throughout a house without emptying out an individual's wallet every month.