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Top senior flooring trends for 2012

Fri, 06/01/2012 - 09:48

Senior living can differ greatly from the lifestyles enjoyed by people who are much younger, and the real estate industry is beginning to tailored residences to this older crowd in order to increase comfort for these individuals.

Flooring is being tailored to seniors by a number of companies, and designers are looking to plan homes according to a specific set of criteria for these individuals.

According to Floor Daily, the most successful projects for retirees tend to be the ones that combine practicality and comfort, as floors need to be easy to clean and have limited potential for seniors to slip while walking around.

Designers often request a floor covering that helps to limit the number of accidents that can occur because of slipping, as there are certain products that come with a mildly adhesive surface in order to limit the possibility of seniors falling because they cannot remain stable while walking.

The height of the floor is also important, as the surface should be flat throughout.

"Any change in level is a hazard, so the designer must to be cognizant of aligning details. In order to create flush transitions, we may use feathering or a leveling compound beneath flooring. If at all possible we prefer not to use transition strips," one designer told the news source.

Comfort is also important, and designers will often put in products like radiant heating systems in order to provide seniors with a warm floor.

Certain types of radiant heating systems can be placed under any type of flooring, opening up a number of possibilities for designers who have to meet a specific criteria for their client. This installation also helps to increase the value of a residence, as the winter months are eased by the efficiency of these products.