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Top design trends highlight energy efficiency, sustainability

Thu, 03/29/2012 - 09:41

A home remodeling and design firm recently released its list of hottest trends for the upcoming year, and the most popular renovations that people are expected to undertake consist of energy efficient upgrades and the addition of green products.

According to a release from Somerville Aluminum, a recent poll showed that this move to energy efficiency was a trend in the industry, and many people are choosing to make small "green" upgrades instead of undertaking a massive renovation project.

Kitchens are the most popular room in the house to remodel, according to the release, and many homeowners are looking for a practical product to install, due in part to the state of the economy.

While some families may benefit from the aesthetically pleasing upgrades of stone countertops, farmhouse sinks and refrigerators with French doors, all which are highly ranked on the list, other homeowners may want to do something more practical and a little less boring.

"We are seeing a large amount of homeowners doing remodeling projects that enhance their living space and increase energy efficiency," said Gary Shiman, co-owner of Somerville Aluminum. "Many homeowners want their remodeled space to add convenience and fit their families lifestyle."

"Green Remodeling," the release noted, can include lowering heating and cooling costs, purchasing energy efficient appliances and more effective insulation.

Radiant heating systems allow for a homeowner to increase the comfort of their home, and are a practical product that a proven to lower electricity bills.

A Warmboard radiant heating system allows a homeowner to install the product easily, helps to lower energy consumption of a house due to the efficient design of the paneling and provides a family with warm floors during cold winter months.

While the floors may feel luxurious and will please each member of the family, the practicality of the product will be enough motivation for the person holding the wallet.