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Tile oracle notes certain radiant systems cause damage

Mon, 04/09/2012 - 10:13

The owner of a tile and stone store in Wyckoff, New Jersey, spoke to North Jersey Homes about the potential negative effects of poor installation of a radiant heating system and how it can ruin a floor.

Antonella Romano, owner of the Stone and Tile Emporium, told the news source that a poor installation of radiant floor heating can damage tile and stones, especially when the product is not something that works well with expensive floor.

He noted that some radiant heating systems, electrical heating to be exact, work in a way that provides a sufficient level of warmth but can damage tiles and stone flooring due to the way that they are installed.

"The difference is, the electrical mats are installed above the floors instead of inside the floors, so they are closer to your tiles," Romano told the news source. Because of this proximity to the flooring, and the significant level of heat that is produced by this type of system, expensive flooring is often ruined over time.

Although this type of heating system may work for some residences, other products like Warmboard radiant heating systems are designed in a way that allows a homeowner to choose any type of flooring for their house.

A Warmboard radiant heating system delivers hot water through a series of aluminum tubes that are integrated into a thin subfloor panel. This allows a homeowner to place this product under any type of flooring, as the manner of the delivery does not pose any threat to tiles and stone.

The water in this system does not have to be heated to a temperature that is as high as its competitors, helping it to not damage flooring.