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Three flooring trends for the master bedroom

Thu, 04/25/2013 - 10:11

When it comes to renovating a house, sometimes homeowners have specific ideas they have dreamed about for years or real estate trends dictate certain choices to maintain the value of a property. Either of these options are common for areas like the kitchen or the living room, but sometimes, the master bedroom seems forgotten. Besides the sheer size and accompanying closet and bathroom, what features should this space include? 
Here are three master bedroom flooring trends to consider:
1) Hardwood floors. Hardwood floors with a rich stain are increasingly being found in the master bedroom. The variety of the wood and the plank width is largely up to the homeowner and the individual style of the house. In more modern spaces, consider using thinner planks with a clean even stain. In rustic or shabby chic styled rooms go for a wider plank and consider an uneven finish that has some wear and tear. 
2) Area rugs. The purpose of an area rug isn't to cover up all of those lovely wood floors. Instead, area rugs are supposed to draw an interior design together and create individual spaces in a room. The placement of an area rug or the number of the carpets in the room will depend on the size and shape of a master suite. To highlight the bed, consider placing a large rug underneath the piece of furniture and have it create a frame by extending out a couple feet beyond the bed. 
3) Radiant floor heating. To improve the comfort a homeowner feels in a space he or she can invest in a radiant floor heating system. A homeowner will no longer have to step out from his or her warm bed onto a cold floor in the morning before getting ready for the day.