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Shabby chic flooring options that work with radiant floor heating

Fri, 09/27/2013 - 17:57

For homeowners who are looking to create a shabby chic living space, it can sometimes be hard to pick the right flooring material. After all, many options have been buffered and polished extensively to remove any trace of time or wear and tear - the exact opposite of your desired style. 
A shabby chic flooring design can get a boost of functionality with a radiant floor heating system installed. This sustainable technology increases the operational efficiency of a home by decreasing the consumption of oil or natural gas. The consistent delivery of heat boosts comfort by removing forced hot air technology and the discomfort hot and cold spots can create. 
Here are a few different flooring options that work with radiant floor heating:
1) Reclaimed wood. The sustainability trend has grown to such an extent that homeowners can now purchase reclaimed wood to install as flooring. Companies are now stripping old barns and buildings of wood planks to refinish the wood for furniture, flooring and other details. The dents and wear on the wood over time provides the planks with more character that newer options don't have. Flooring businesses are now offering new wood planks that recreate the look of reclaimed wood for the budget-conscious homeowner.
2) Natural stone. A homeowner looking to create a shabby chic space should skip the granite and the marble floors and look for natural stone materials that have more texture. Limestone, quartz and slate are all natural stone materials that feature color diversity and texture for a more unique look that isn't easily to replicate. 
3) Tile. This flooring material is traditionally found in the kitchen or bathroom, but recent advances in laser ink jet technology has allowed new diverse designs to be recreated at an affordable cost. As a result, homeowners are using this material in more rooms to create an eclectic and unusual look.