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Seasonal changes to revive a residence for spring

Thu, 03/15/2012 - 09:32

The warm air of spring can give a homeowner a new sense of inspiration for redecorating their home, as they may look to this time as a chance for a remodeling project.

Spring cleaning may also motivate them to remove older and inefficient products and appliances from the home, as the winter months may have identified that it was time for the old and conventional heating system to go.

Not only do older heating systems lead to sky-high electricity bills, but they also reduce the available comfort for a residence.

If a new Warmboard radiant heating system is installed, this technology will help to ease a homeowner and their family out of the winter months and provide them with a comfortable end to the cold period. Because of its unique design and heat-delivery system - it relies on aluminum tubing that is highly-conductive and efficient - an individual will instantly be able to notice a change in the temperature of their home.

According to the Los Altos Town Crier, spring may also be a good time to remove aging insulation and install new products that will help to further save a homeowner money. Along with these practical considerations, people may want to completely redesign their residence in terms of aesthetic features.

The news source reported that a homeowner may want to remove the dreary wallpaper and paint that they have around the residence in favor of bright colors and materials, helping to usher in spring and amplify the extended hours of sunlight.

"Making small changes to your home’s decor can refresh the interior without costing a ton of money. Start with window treatments – replace dense fabrics with airy options that blow in the breeze," one designer told the news source.