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The right floor can make a comfortable kitchen

Thu, 12/15/2011 - 11:15

The kitchen is a place where many families will gather in order to share stories, enjoy home cooking and lounge around before and after meals. This makes having a comfortable room of the utmost importance to a homeowner, especially during the holidays.

When the extended family begins to arrive for the holiday months, the kitchen becomes the epicenter of all activity in a home. If the guests are greeted with a warm and comfortable feeling upon entering the room, they will be more likely to stay in this area.

A radiant heating system placed under the right type of flooring can help to make the kitchen the most comfortable room in a house. A radiant heater allows for visitors to remove their shoes and enjoy the sudden warm feeling on their otherwise cold and tired feet.

This technology can be placed under any type of flooring, helping a homeowner adhere to the latest design trends.

Dorothy Crenshaw noted that there are several key things to determine in making a kitchen comfortable for guests during the holidays. She told the Indianapolis Star that a ceramic floor will help to keep dirt, dust and other unwanted particles to a minimum.

According to the news source, Crenshaw said one of the most underrated aspects of a kitchen is the amount of space that is available for people to sit and stand around. She noted that too often this room is cluttered and cramps guests.

"I just love to have people here and to know that they are comfortable in my home," she told the Star.

A radiant heating system helps to maximize the space of a room, as the bulky radiators that line the floors and walls for conventional heating systems are not needed for this new technology.