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Renovate a small space for maximum potential

Sat, 10/26/2013 - 18:57

With apartment rental prices continuing to increase, many people are decreasing the percentage of their budget going to housing by living in smaller spaces. Smaller houses, miniature condos and tiny apartments are growing in popularity with many people. Just look at the news, there's more than a few stories looking at the exceptionally small and usual living spaces of those who are looking to decrease cost of living. 
For those who are looking to decrease monthly bills but not forgo the comforts of home, there is a variety of renovation tricks to consider implementing. 
Renting a garden apartment never looked so good
Kate Goshorn's Humboldt Park location is a piece of pricey real estate. The Chicago Reader reported that the location is highly desirable - there's just one issue, she lives in a garden apartment. Basement apartments are not known for their high-quality living situations, especially in areas like Chicago where the winters are long and it isn't uncommon for all light to be blocked by piles of snow and ice. 
This piece of property however, is decidedly unlike most basement apartments. According to the news source, the rental has been outfitted with a number of high-end materials and features to make living below the surface of the earth more enjoyable. For example, a Japanese-styled bathroom with wooden slate flooring and a drain underneath has been installed. This allows the bathroom to take up less square footage and remain heated with steam. A walk-in closet that is as long as the entire apartment allows for plenty of storage and for the area to seem even larger than it is. 
Besides these great features, one of the most luxurious aspect of this apartment is the radiant floor heating system. The news source reported that the entire apartment receives warmth and comfort from this energy-efficient technology. 
Benefits of a radiant floor heating system in a small home
Unlike other more traditional heating solutions that use vents, radiators or baseboard units, a radiant floor heating system does not take up any space from the square footage of a house or apartment. As a result, it is an ideal solution for smaller properties because there is no disruption in livable space. In addition, a homeowner or renter is able to benefit from not having to place furniture around the heating apparatus. This means that pieces of furniture may be situated against a wall without a gap making the unit stick out awkwardly and get in the way of traffic patterns. In a small home or apartment, an extra five inches is a big deal because a homeowner is working with significantly less square footage. 
In addition to promoting better home design, a radiant floor heating system is also able to be laid under almost any flooring material. As a result, a renter or homeowner is able to have any type of material in the unit. Because a small space requires less flooring materials, sometimes people decide to place better quality or more unique options in areas like the kitchen or master suite due to the decrease in cost. 
A radiant floor heating system will also help a renter or homeowner decrease monthly bills associated with heating a property. The sustainable option requires less oil or natural gas to create a consistent temperature in a home, which allows someone to reduce strain on his or her budget. The eco-friendly technology is an ideal technology in a small apartment or home.