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Renovate the garage for a more efficient space

Mon, 03/18/2013 - 21:50

Do you need more space? If the answer to that question is yes, consider renovating your garage. It's not uncommon for a garage to become a cluttered space that gets filled to the brim until vehicles can no longer be stored safely in the unit. 
However, with a few tricks and tips, anyone can turn a garage into a wonderful and efficient use of space. 
"Before, a garage was a garage and that was it," Matt Bader, owner of Tri City Remodeling told Our Midland News. "But now people are starting to utilize them for more, whether it be for working or just to spend time in."
The first thing a homeowner needs to decide is what they want to use the space for - and don't forget, you can choose multiple purposes if they go together well. For example, a garage can be used for storage, as a workspace and as an office with little trouble.
If you've decided to use the garage for something other than storage, make sure to outfit the space with an energy-efficient heating solution. The operational savings and added comfort of installing radiant floor heating will make the renovated area more user friendly and could increase the time you or others spend in the room. 
After having radiant floor heating installed, work on organizing your possessions into three piles: keep, donate and trash. Deal with each of these three piles and then begin to set the stage for the space you want. Remember to try and keep the space versatile and to keep things off the floor. 
"Just by organizing and getting things off the floor, you will get more room," Bader said. "If you don't really need it, give it away."