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Renovate the attic for more usable space

Mon, 03/04/2013 - 07:26

Sometimes there just seems like there isn't enough room in the house. So, instead of going through the cost of finding and moving to a new house, a homeowner may want to consider the merits of instead renovating the current place to fit his or her needs. The attic is an ideal space for a home renovation. Unlike the basement, it will get tons of natural light and avoid those pesky problems of building around oil heaters, plumbing or other utility fixtures. 
Whether a homeowner is looking to add another bedroom, an office or a recreational room, the attic could be a perfect space. Here are three things to include in a renovation:
1) Insulation. Many homes are not built with quality insulation levels in an attic. As a result, a homeowner is going to need to make sure that the space is outfitted with insulation that features a high R-value so that the room created can be used any time of the year and all heating or cooling energy will remain inside the home. 
2) Radiant floor heating. Regardless of what the room is intended for, the right heating solution is crucial. This eco-friendly solution can be implemented and reduce the operational costs associated with heating a space by decreasing energy use. In addition, homeowners who are looking to upgrade to renewable energy source are in luck. A radiant floor heating system can be easily connected to either geothermal, solar or wind power generators.
3) Windows. Natural light is an important facet of any space. It brings a warm, airy feel to a room and makes the space feel more open. The attic is situated in the perfect location to take advantage of any sun streaming down throughout the day.