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Remodeling your home while keeping its period charm

Wed, 02/19/2014 - 12:02

With spring just around the corner, homeowners have the perfect excuse to remodel their houses. However, residents who crave modern technology and innovations within their period-style homes may fear remodeling, as they are reluctant to lose the charm provided. Structures that embody an era through their decorations or architecture have nothing to fear, however, as not all remodels risk disrupting a house's integrity.

From adding on the back porch you've always dreamed of to installing new light fixtures in the building, there exist many construction opportunities that won't compromise the original context of your home.

Keep the building's structure

Moving your home into the 21st century may require extensive interior work, but the outside design does not have to be altered. The National Association of Home Builders recently gave the 2013 Remodel of the Year to a small pioneer home in Texas. While the interior was completely taken apart, the basic foundation remained the same and recycled materials were used to reconstruct rooms, according to a NAHB press release. To keep its general charm, builders installed historic fixtures and a traditional roof. However, modern features, including an entertainment system and technological upgrades, provided the home with a more contemporary feel. Victor Mirontschuk, Judge Chairman and president of EDI International, said in the release that the home successfully blended the past and present through its remodels.

"The re-use of original elements of the home in the remodel is a great way to embrace sustainability, while also honoring the beautiful elements the home already possessed," Mirontschuk said. "The upgrades and beautiful design did a great job of keeping the home in the style of its period but brought modern touches that bring style and comfort to its owners and their visitors."

Technology won't disrupt the foundation
Installing popular devices that combine style and energy efficiency should not alter the house's general feel. Eco-friendly upgrades present homeowners with the opportunity to revolutionize their electrical or heating systems, saving both money and energy in the long run. Solar power panels can be placed in inconspicuous locations, such as on one's roof, garage or backyard. These panels do not require vigorous methods of installation, but they do offer long-reaching benefits. 

Radiant heat flooring, which heats a home through underfloor systems that emit warmth, can be integrated with little disruption to the owner. Remodeling season is the perfect time to consider radiant heating, as it can improve the comfort, quality and modern feel of any structure.