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Radio star purchases luxury condo with radiant floor heating

Fri, 08/02/2013 - 08:16

Even radio personalities like to experience the luxury of living in a fine home. WKSC-FM morning personality Christopher "Brotha' Fred" Frederick, who is the voice of the Top 40 station known as Kiss FM has just purchased a high-end condo in downtown Chicago. The Chicago Tribune reported that Frederick has bought a two-bedroom, 53rd-floor unit in a new condo building for $856,000. 
Frederick isn't buying blindly either - he has been renting a unit in the building for a while now and must know of the high-quality finishes included in the condos design. The 1,596-square-foot unit features two baths, custom lighting and cabinets, granite countertops, surround sound and other luxury finishes. Underneath the bamboo flooring is a radiant floor heating system that creates the ultimate feeling of comfort for the homeowners and guests.
Unlike traditional heating units that are bulky, noisy and less energy efficient, radiant floor heating technology allows for a more effective solution. Because all of the piping for the utility option is located underneath the floor boards, a homeowner doesn't have to feel as if there is wasted space in his or her house or condo. There are no vents, radiators or baseboard units to work a design around, which means increased square footage and the lack of a potential eye sore in the decor. 
A radiant floor heating system is ideal for those who are looking to own a condo. One of the major perks of owning a condo is that a person can walk the line between homeownership and renting. This system provides all of the perks, without the hassle of having to maintain a temperamental traditional boiler or heating unit.