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Radiant heating fits into resurgence of shabby chic trend

Thu, 11/03/2011 - 09:49

Homeowners who are looking to capitalize on the emerging shabby chic trend for residences may want to consider installing a radiant heating system.

The unsightly heaters that can line the floor of a residence and ruin the appearance of a room are removed for individuals who install a radiant system. This technology doesn't require the use of products that are visible around the house, allowing the homeowner to conform to the latest styles without having to make an adjustment.

A subfloor system will help to eliminate the bulky heaters and radiators, allowing for maximum space for decoration, while also providing an efficient source of heat.

The shabby chic style is like a trip back in time, as old furniture is used to fill every nook and cranny of a residence.

Sonja Bannick, an interior design expert, used the style to bring out the history and culture behind each of the pieces put into a room.

"The shabby chic style stands for the reuse and the misuse of old things," Bannick told Monsters and Critics. "We try to look at these things from a different angle. 'You don't ask yourself 'Do I need this?' rather 'How can I paint it or find a way to decorate with it."

Trend analyst Gabriela Kaiser noted that the shabby chic idea isn't new, but it is recently gaining acceptance in the marketplace.

"The reason many people go for this style of decorating is because they are searching for traces of their past," Kaiser told the news source. "We are enclosed in a world that's getting smaller."

Old decorations are combined with new furniture and technology, making it imperative that homeowners remove bulky heaters that can ruin the fusion of the two periods.