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Radiant heating advocated in several areas of the country

Mon, 07/18/2011 - 08:52

Radiant floor heating systems are being installed in new homes that are being built across the country. Real estate companies and local organizations are pushing residents to invest in this technology, as the environmental benefits are not the only selling point.

Residents of Joplin, Missouri have been advised to outfit their new homes with the latest in green technology, in an effort to go green while also utilizing the cost-saving capabilities of energy efficient materials, according to KOAM7 Joplin.

Missouri renewable energy went to Joplin to advise the residents to install the new technology, as the organization sought to inform the victims of the tornado of the many benefits of installing radiant floor heating, the news source reported.

Along with the Missouri organization urging its residents to use the new technology, a Cambridge, Massachusetts-based company has lent advice to many New Hampshire residents concerning home heating costs that can be decreased due to the radiant heating technology, according to The Boston Globe.

By using the radiant heat system, residents in the northern state could more effectively provide warmth throughout their home during the cold New England winters, the news source reported.