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Radiant floors used in new Connecticut and California properties

Wed, 07/13/2011 - 08:21

New houses will often use the latest technology to help enhance the value of the property and to attract energy conscious individuals into the market, as radiant floor systems have been featured in several recently constructed properties.

A Westport, Connecticut home will feature some of the latest technology to help modernize the colonial design of the property. The house will represent the classic New England style while showcasing innovative ideas like heated floors, as a way to enhance the value of the home, according to Westport Now.

The newly built colonial is situated on 1.23 acres in the heart of the Compo Beach area, and will be completed with 10-foot ceilings and an open and flowing floor plan to maximize efficiency in heating and air conditioning. Bathrooms were also designed with conservation of energy in mind, as they will feature radiant heating systems, the news source reported.

A Venice Beach house will also employ the use of the heating technology, as a new 2,262 square-foot house has radiant heating installed throughout the property. The ground level entry provides a control for the system, which can be manually operated to quickly increase or dial down the temperature, the Los Angeles Times reported.