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Radiant floor heating compatible with wood floors

Thu, 05/30/2013 - 19:24

Wood flooring has long been the fashionable choice in living areas. The warm tones of wood makes any design pop and the material is associated with quality and luxury. However, many homeowners are stuck because they are trying to decide between the desire to have natural wood floors and radiant floor heating
Engineered wood floors used to be the only option for most homeowners because they expand and contrast less than solid-wood flooring. But, advances in technology now allow an individual to select a natural wood flooring material and still have a radiant floor heating system in his or her home, reports The Chicago Tribune. 
With wood flooring back on the table for discussion, a homeowner may want to consider what type he or she wants. A radiant floor heating system will run effectively under almost any type of material, so options are open.
Oak is light brown in color and features more open pores compared to other woods. Home Depot claims that this materials this makes oak easy to finish and creates a traditional look. It is generally considered an affordable wood flooring option and there are two types available: red oak and white oak. In contrast, ash wood, which is similar to oak in appearance is much more difficult to finish. 
Homeowners who are looking for a sustainable wood option may want to consider using grass instead. Bamboo offers roughly the same hardness as oak and is available in pre-finished, engineered planks, according to Home Depot. Unlike wood, because bamboo is a tree it grows much quicker and thus a harvest is sustainable almost regardless of demand. 
Each of these wood materials are an ideal wood flooring option for a homeowner with radiant floor heating.