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Radiant floor heating is budget friendly

Wed, 07/24/2013 - 07:30

Homeowners across the United States are trying to live on tighter budgets. This means that many people think that home renovations are out of reach. However, with the right planning and the right combination of features, a homeowner can update his or her property without breaking the bank. 
For example, one key renovation to keep in mind is the installation of a radiant floor heating system. This unit allows a homeowner to reduce his or her heating expenses without forgoing comfort. In fact, this technology is well known for boosting the performance of a heater and filling a home - regardless of its size - with even warmth. A radiant floor heating system can be installed in a new addition or in an already existing space.
For example, Robin Brusman purchased her first home in south Minneapolis and recently had an addition put on her house. The small space helped update her 1908 American foursquare home and included the installation of a radiant floor heating system, reported the Star Tribune. For $65,000, Brusman was able to add a 240-square-foot addition with radiant floor heating, renovate the kitchen, add a half bath and a mudroom. 
In addition, because a radiant floor heating system was included in the addition, Brusman is expected to reduce her monthly utility bills associated with heating the space. Radiant floor heating is highly energy efficient and uses less traditional fuel like oil or natural gas to create heat and sustain temperature levels in a structure. It is the ideal solution for both large and small homes because it can be used in individual areas, like in this situation, or used through out a house and sectioned off in zones.