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Psychology and interior design: Relating a room to an individual

Wed, 02/08/2012 - 10:30

The interior design sector has often struggled to prove its importance within the housing industry, but understanding the role that psychology plays in choosing the layout of a room may help to bolster the notion of its importance, according to Interior Design Source.

The study of space is known as proxemics, and it helps to explain why people feel a certain way about a room upon entering a home. Studies have shown that a lack of room between certain pieces of furniture can lead to stress for certain individuals, and the same type of anxiety can arise when there is a perception that too much space exist in an area, the news source reported.

The issue of a certain feeling in a room is something that many skeptics deny exists, but there is a consensus in the interior design sector that the way that a person feels when entering an area can be a huge influence on how they feel about the space overall, according to Interior Design Source. There is a comfort level that may be achieved through the use of the right products and colors, as people may subconsciously react to certain elements of a residence.

Certain types of products may influence the comfort level of a room, as technology like a Warmboard radiant heating system may help to provide heat in a way that induces positive feelings from people in that space.

A Warmboard radiant heating system not only adds a level of comfort through the efficient delivery of heat, but it is also the only radiant heating system on the market that is able to work with a variety of flooring types. Other products may damage floor coverings due to the temperature of the water that they use to heat the system.