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Promote relaxation in the master suite with radiant floor heating

Mon, 07/15/2013 - 15:37

There's nothing quite like the peace and tranquility experienced by walking into your master suite after a long day at work or taking care of projects at home. The master suite is intended as a haven and provides you with that necessary space for escaping the troubles of the day. Make sure your bedroom incorporates the right combination of features to promote rest and relaxation. 
Here are three master suite design trends to consider incorporating into your space:
1) Accent wall. Your master suite should stand out from the rest of the house as a space built for rest and relaxation. However, that doesn't mean it needs to be bland and boring, use an accent wall to liven up a room's decor and make a statement. By using a patterned wall paper or a different hue on one wall in the room, you can draw your eye to that space - consider selecting the wall behind your bed as the accent feature. 
2) Radiant floor heating. There's nothing less relaxing than feeling frigid in a space. Install a radiant floor heating system throughout the master suite so when you're getting ready for the day you don't have to experience cold toes as a rude awakening. This heating option allows a homeowner to experience the delightful comfort of consistent heat and operational savings - a two-in-one benefit from one great system.
3) Serene atmosphere. Master suites are intended as retreats. As a result, the right combination of fabrics, colors and lines in a room must promote serenity, according to many HGTV designers. 
"My clients want bedrooms that are as serene as possible with a retreat-like atmosphere," designer Eileen Gould told HGTV. "Colors must be soothing and well blended. Light purples, creams and soft greens are very popular. People are spending more time at home and definitely want comfort."