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A pool at the push of a button

Mon, 03/17/2014 - 13:35

Technological improvements have made the construction of modern homes unparalleled when compared to any other point in time. The designs and features of houses have begun looking more and more similar to something out of a science fiction novel, but with real-world applications. These advancements have opened the door for projects focusing on sustainability and an eco-friendly way of life. Without a doubt, there are some ideas that fall more under luxury than necessity, but what they do is show the possibility of what the future holds.
Swim like never before

There was a time when swimming pools were a sign of status and wealth, but those trends have dissipated over the years, as pools became a lot more affordable. Sometimes houses just don't have the space available to allocate to a swimming pool, though. Yards can be too small or the terrain may just be too difficult to cooperate with a pool and its required maintenance. Thankfully a new innovation called Hydro-Floor has developed as a solution to this problem.
Hydro-Floors allow you to have an indoor, in-ground swimming pool without having to worry about it occupying the valuable square footage of your house. All you have to do is push a button and the floor will lower to your desired depth and fill up with water, transforming open spaces into a basin of leisure, exercise or fun. You can control the distance the floor subsides to accommodate whatever activity you plan on doing. If you're sick of climbing ladders to get in and out of the water, your Hydro-Floor can even leave a row of stairs behind.

Keeping it warm

Besides being able to show off your transforming floor, Hydro-Floors makes steps towards energy-efficient heating that will reduce the negative impact and waste pools sometimes incur. Dan Nosowitz told Fast Company that the water retains its heat a lot more efficiently since it doesn't require the pool to be filled with fresh water during each use. The water doesn't have to be heated every time, and this saves on costs attributed to constantly warming it.

For the floor on the outskirts of your morphing pool, radiant heating is an excellent answer for when you step out of the water. You won't have to fear the cold tile when it's already warmed, keeping your shivers at bay. Unlike pools outside or other indoor ones, a combination of Hydro-Floor and radiant heating can keep your swimming incursions completely under your control.