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Oswego home offers expansive views in a cozy setting

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 06:52

Potential homebuyers looking to find their dream home in the middle of nature's glory may want to consider looking at properties along Lake Ontario. One home available for sale offers people the opportunity to take in the vast views of the lake, while still remaining cozy.
The Syracuse Post-Standard reports that the pint-sized home at just 1,240 square feet faces the expansive waters of the great lake. In addition, the Oswego Lighthouse is within view, as are the fireworks that dot the horizon during the famous annual Harborfest.
The upstate home is built in a contemporary style and is a one-story lakefront house with two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a modern, open-plan kitchen that features granite and marble and custom-built cherry wood cabinetry. The news source claims that there is a wood burning fireplace in the great room and radiant floor heating keeps the home at a comfortable temperature. Warmth slowly rises from the white pine and polished concrete floors to fill the entire space with heat.
Radiant floor heating provides the future homeowner of this unique house the opportunity to enjoy the wild and untamed appearance of nature outside his or her windows, without feeling the frigid wind whip through the house and steal warmth. Lake-front properties require increased levels of insulation and a powerful heating system to ensure that they remain at a comfortable temperature.

Any potential homebuyers in the market for a house that features a reduced carbon footprint, while still offering a luxury-filled atmosphere, may want to consider taking a drive to the coast of Lake Ontario and check out this property in Oswego.