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Is natural stone the right flooring material for you?

Wed, 11/13/2013 - 08:53

Creating an exceptional home interior requires attention to detail. What materials are being used in a space to highlight the architecture of a room or allow light to freely bounce off surfaces to create a brighter space? The details are crucial in determining the appearance of a room. 
One of the key details in a room that will have a great impact on the appearance and comfort of the space is the materials used for the floors. How will the floors feel beneath a person's toes? Is the material selected easy to clean and durable? The answers to these questions need to be reflected on to decide what flooring material is the right option. 
Many homeowners are finding that natural stone floors provide a wide range of benefits. Better Homes and Gardens reported that the finish and type of stone selected can have a drastic impact on the atmosphere of a space. For example, detailed mosaics create a graceful, cultured look, while rough-hewn, irregularly cut pieces can create a more earthy look. 
Stone floors are a natural, beautiful flooring material that remains stylish for years to come. Durable and function, stone allows various green technologies to perform well, including radiant floor heating. This eco-friendly system transfers heat through the stone floors and into the various rooms of a house. Unlike other materials, stone is able to store warmth, which means that thermal heating is occurring as well. No one will have to suffer the discomfort of walking along a cold floor again in a house warmed with radiant floor heating. A property owner can save money and increase the value of a home by investing in a radiant floor heating system.