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Natural stone flooring trends

Thu, 08/08/2013 - 08:48

More and more homeowners are looking to deviate from typical flooring materials in certain spaces in the home. For example, some people are finding that natural stone floors are preferable in high traffic areas or in rooms like the bathroom or kitchen. A potential homebuyer or current owner looking to renovate his or her house may want to consider the benefits of natural stone floors. 
Here are three trends in natural stone flooring:
1) Colors. The beauty of natural stone is the complex, organic color palette that it offers homeowners. An individual is able to select a cool white marble or an earthy travertine to create the look and feel he or she wants. Unlike fabricated tile flooring options, each cut of stone will not be uniform, adding visual interest to a space. 
2) Materials. A few years ago, natural stone was considered only a high-end commodity, and while the materials have still retained its luster, durability and appeal, it has become much more affordable and common. Now homeowners have become accustomed to finding granite, travertine and slate and other options in properties. Granite is typically not used for floors, however, travertine is highly popular in both kitchens and bathrooms because of its durability and mold-resistant qualities. 
3) Technologies. Utilities and technologies have been updated to handle the various conundrums of installing new flooring materials. Some, even thrive on the inclusion of natural stone for a flooring material in comparison to other options. A radiant floor heating system creates warmth that slowly rises from beneath the floor. Stone typically holds onto warmth, which means that once the radiant floor heating system is running, the floors will retain heat and better ensure a space remains at a comfortable temperature.