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Maximizing space during festive seasons, interior design tips for the holidays

Thu, 11/17/2011 - 07:48

The use of space is an important aspect of interior design during the holidays, as many homeowners want to put too many festive decorations in one area and end up running out of room.

It is important to minimize unsightly aspects in a room where holiday decorations are going to be placed. Removing bulky and outdated equipment may also help to free up space for everything from Christmas trees to Thanksgiving displays.

The conventional heating system can work against this idea of maximizing space, as the bulky radiators, heating vents and air ducts all detract from a room. However, a radiant heating system doesn't require these to work and helps to free up areas where holiday decorations can be placed.

The radiant system will also allow guests to experience a comfortable warmth while enjoying the atmosphere of the house. The technology works in a way that distributes the heat and helps individuals feel warmer than it actually is in the house.

A warm feeling from the floor will go with the warm tone of a room, and inexpensive decorations can be purchased to help complete a comfortable area for guests to sit.

"A little can say a lot," Lynda Gould, an interior design manager noted in a home decor release from Lamps Plus. "A simple wreath, soft lighting from a table lamp or candle light are all inexpensive ways to create the holiday spirit and welcome your guests into the rest of your home."

Gould noted that the arrangements that are used have to take into account the mood that is created, and during the holidays this feeling has to be one of warmth and comfort.