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Maryland lodge adds yurts with radiant floor heating

Wed, 08/28/2013 - 10:37

Looking up at the stars to take in the wonder of the environment while staying at a luxury lodge is a common dream for many. Luxury retreats allow people from urban environments to experience nature and get away from the concrete jungle.
In Frostburg, Maryland, at the Savage River Lodge, guests are being welcomed to experience the wonder of the natural environment and to stay in a unique structure - a yurt. The Pittsburg Post-Gazette reported that a yurt is a round text made of felt or animal skins that is built on a collapsible framework. Used by nomads in Mongolia, Turkey and Siberia, it's unusual to find this type of structure in the United States. 
Americans will not only get to experience the wonder of this type of structure without having to fly internationally at the Savage River Lodge, but also the luxury that comes with unexpected amenities. According to the news source, the yurts on the property have been outfitted with radiant floor heating to provide warmth and comfort. Covered in a sustainable bamboo floor, the designers of this hospitality destination wanted to combine luxury comforts with the foreign living solution. 
Each yurt on the property acts as its own suite for a guest. Besides the comfort of a radiant floor heating system, guests are also able to take advantage of a king-sized bed, private bathroom with a step-in shower, breakfast nook, gas-log fireplace, leather and suede couches, muslin drapes, bamboo Roman shades and woven rugs. 
The combination of rustic materials and high-end modern technologies used in the yurts make them a treat for the adventurous traveler. The radiant floor heating system makes these structures habitable all year round.