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Making the most of a small space

Fri, 01/31/2014 - 12:06

When purchasing or remodeling a home, innovation is key. While the location, natural lighting and even kitchen may be perfect, it is common to compromise on a different part of the structure in favor of one of these elements. You may be willing to sacrifice a large bathroom for that perfect crown molding in the dining room, but there are ways to improve even the smallest spaces in your home.

Choose light colors

There are so many options to choose from when painting any room of the house, but if you're trying to open up an already cramped space, opt for lighter colors. Dark colors can make a room seem more constricted, partially due to the fact that they absorb more light than other colors. Keep simplicity in mind when grabbing that paint brush, and avoid using too many colors that may further clutter already limited wall space. Be sure not to ordain the room with too many decorations, either.  

Foldable furniture

Jetson Green recently profiled the studio of two New York architects who utilize foldable furniture to accommodate guests and visitors. Instead of investing in large pieces that would take up the majority of the 450 square feet of the apartment's space, Michael Chen and Kari Anderson created a mobile kitchen, bedroom, home office, closet and living room that can be easily accessed and stored after use. The designers created one large piece of equipment that houses the majority of these rooms, with separate pull-out compartments that provide immediate structure and separation. 

Mirrors and windows

When you decide to decorate, consider purchasing mirrors to open up the room. While the mirror cannot actually provide more space, it adds a layer of perceived depth to any room. Reflective surfaces can not only trick the eye into believing an area is larger than it actually is, but they can also provide more light as beams refract from the glass. Consider placing two mirrors across from each other when redecorating to maximize the effect.

Windows are another great option when remodeling a tiny space. Large windows allow individuals in the room to experience natural light and the open outdoors, both of which make a room seem much more spacious. Additionally, consider adding bay windows to the outside of a room as these structures can allow for maximum sunlight and a bit more walking room.

Improve room comfort

To make a small space better for your home, increase the comfort your guests enjoy while visiting. Invest in decorations, furniture and appliances that will contribute to creating a warming atmosphere for any person venturing into the area. Installing radiant heat can help improve air quality and overall comfort felt in the room. By reducing the amount of air that gets recycled through the home, keeping warmth concentrated in the middle as opposed to the ceiling and never letting the floor run cold, radiant heat has the ability to enhance any area in the house.