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Key kitchen renovation trends

Sun, 11/24/2013 - 14:13

A kitchen is one the key areas of a home, which is why many property owners decide to renovate this room for either resale purposes or for better function and comfort. Often this room is considered to be the center of the home and is used for many different purposes. Family members will eat food in this space, do homework, pay bills and entertain guests. As a result, any big renovation to the space needs to fit the needs of the homeowner and his or her individual tastes, unless the house is going to be listed for sale in the near future.
"If this remodel is for resale purposes, decisions will need to be made that both ensure you're getting the highest return on your investment and which appeal to the largest number of people," John Petrie, 2013 president-elect of the National Kitchen and Bath Association and owner of MH Custom Cabinetry, told the news source. "When it comes to resale, we generally want to play it safe with color. White painted kitchens and light maple kitchens, for example, have appeal in the resale market - and they have for quite some time."
If the renovation of the home is not intended to increase the value of the property for resale, a homeowner has a greater amount of leeway with the design and is able to incorporate any features he or she wants without considering how future owners will find the aesthetic. As the economy has picked up, so has the number of kitchen renovations for many contracting firms. Residential property owners are looking to transform their current kitchen and make it fit their lifestyle and taste. 
"Many of the projects we're working on now are for homeowners who love the layout of their kitchen, but they don't love the crystal or frost finishes on oak cabinets that they chose 20 years ago," Petrie said. "We're also seeing people replace the solid-surface countertops that were popular in the 90s with more updated quartz or granite." 
Updating properties with the latest materials and technologies is growing more popular in the renovation industry. Some of the changes being made to properties is cosmetic, but focusing on the addition of granite, quartz or other natural stone surface countertops to kitchens. Another key trend is the switch to stainless steel appliance that are ENERGY STAR rated to reduce the costs associated with running the appliances every day, all day.
Homeowners who are trying to increase the sustainability and comfort felt within a property, especially the kitchen, can invest in radiant floor heating. This eco-friendly solution provides a homeowner with a space that receives consistent delivery of warmth. A homeowner or his or her guests are able to walk across a floor that is warm to the touch, which invokes feelings of comfort and relaxation. Imagine, an individual will never have to experience the discomfort of getting that first morning cup of coffee and having to walk across a cold floor to get to the coffee pot. 
A radiant floor heating system is not only a strong investment for homeowners who are trying to improve the comfort felt in a room, but also for those who are looking to sell a property later in life. The eco-friendly system is a selling point for a house because of its energy efficiency and other positive attributes. As green materials become more common in kitchens, this technology will certainly grow in popularity and become a much more standard solution.