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Interior design trends for the spring months

Tue, 04/03/2012 - 07:04

The coming of spring signifies a time when homeowners are looking to open their windows, take out winter decorations and prepare their residence for a period of extended sunlight and cheerful visitors.

The beginning of the season leaves homeowners with an opportunity to completely redesign their home, or at least specific parts of it, according to a release from Andrea Lauren Elegant Interiors.

"Vintage is making a huge comeback, especially in the form of home accents and old world touches," said Priscilla Castellano, owner of the design studio and fine home boutique in south Tampa, Florida. "We’re also seeing a return to lighter, neutral tones, including creamy paint colors and buttery shades for window treatments."

According to the release, bright colors, new tiles for kitchen areas and walkways, sheer curtains for common area windows and an abundance of freshly-scented candles can help to brighten, both aesthetically and in terms of the modd, a room.

This is also a time when a homeowner may want to put in new products to prepare for next winter, as the spring weather makes remodeling projects much easier. Because of the warm temperatures, an individual can easily install a new heating system in their residence without disrupting the flow of home life.

Homeowners may want to install a Warmboard radiant heating system as a way to limit their energy costs and consumption, and this product also allows them to adhere to the latest flooring styles - unlike other radiant systems.

Because of its unique and efficient design, a Warmboard system can be placed under any type of flooring, unlike its competitors products, which can damage the floor surface due to excess water temperatures.