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Interior design trends for homeowners looking to sell

Thu, 02/23/2012 - 10:45

When a homeowner is preparing their house to be sold, a process that has changed due to the state of the housing market, they will often need to add value to their residence in order to attract a large number of potential buyers.

According to The Canberra Times, boosting the value of a home prior to selling is becoming more and more common, especially for families who are looking to upgrade in selecting a new residence.

Renovation trends for homeowners looking to upsell include installing a new type of flooring - hardwood has been touted as the best covering - new appliances, expanding windows and replacing old lighting or heating systems, the news source reported.

''The critical things buyers look for are the kitchen and bathroom areas. If they look good, it's very attractive for potential purchasers,'' Jerry Howard, the deputy executive for an Australian master builders association, told the Times. ''Good products can add great value if you do go on to sell.''

According to the news source, the additions to an older home may give the family who is moving out more money to find a new residence or make necessary investments.

A Warmboard radiant heating system can help to add value to a residence, as this product is the most efficient, both in terms of cost and the delivery of heat, on the market. The use of a highly conductive aluminum tubing in the paneling of the system helps it operate with much more efficiency than its competitors.

A Warmboard system also works with any type of flooring, unlike other radiant heating systems, as it uses a thinner panel, along with operating with lower water temperatures. Other systems may require the use of high water temperatures to heat a residence, something that can lead to warping and damage for floor coverings.