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Interior design trend: Recycled leather for flooring

Wed, 07/11/2012 - 13:00

The use of certain products within more conservative design sectors may take time to become a trend, but once it does, these materials can take off and become an industry norm in no time.
Leather is not a product that is foreign to the design world, but a new application for the material could lead many to tear up their old flooring and install an entirely new covering.
According to the Woodworking Network, leather is now being used for flooring, as it is increasingly installed with wood coverings as a way to separate rooms and provide a visual representation of the different spaces within a home.
Other applications of the material are related to people using leather as one of the sole materials for a floor, as recycled products can be hardened and used throughout a home.
"People are always amazed at leather floors for their beauty and resilience," Bernice Lord, marketing director at EcoDomo, told the news outlet. "Few people know that our recycled leather has a density comparable to red oak."
Leather is not going to disappear in the flooring industry anytime soon, as these surfaces have been installed at an increasing rate in the past five years. Since they are maintained the same way as hardwood products, many people simply make the transition from one material to the other, according to Woodworking Network.
When people are thinking about how to add a feeling of luxury to their home, other than a new type of flooring or paneling, many look to installation of a radiant heating system as the perfect project.
These products help to bring a room together, as they provide warm, comfortable and even heat throughout a residence, allowing guests and visitors to relax and unwind with an unparalleled sense of warmth during winter months.